Katy Perry and Dua Lipa, a shippeo with a lot of history | Music


“I’m excited to get back to India this week! I’ve never had the chance to perform here and I am excited to share the stage with the sweet mutha KPez!!!”, wrote Dua Lipa a few days ago about your visit to the OnePlus Music Festival, in Mumbai (India), where he coincided this weekend with Katy Perry.

And it seems that there has been a lot of chemistry between the two, there is more to see the pictures that have been made together and the words of Katy on stage when he referred to his colleague of profession.

I have a crush with Dua Lipa” said Katy Perry on the stage when it was his turn to act after the singer of origin in kosovo. After he asked the public if the shippearían if they were a couple and they were together.

The fervor of the public it became apparent after go crazy after these words. Yes, ended up making it clear that your relationship was not possible, at least in this life. Reminded that she is involved with Orlando Bloom. “He has done a fantastic job,” he said about his friend.

And continued with the joke on social media when asked if the shippeo was better to use KaDua or KaLipa. “Okay, seriously, a fantastic night in Mubai for OnePlus Music Festival with Dua Lipa. Thank you to everyone who braved the traffic and the heat, you are the real”, he wrote.

“This is the most”, commented Orlando Bloom that seems to have as much fun as your fiancée with this tonteo with Dua Lipa.

It is clear that they spent a lot of heat during their concerts because Dua also insisted on the same theme. “Show outrageously sweaty,” he commented on Instagram, “Mumbai, definitely brought the heat ?? I loved to act for you, this night next to Katy Perry who I had effervescent emotion on the stage during their set, because it took me back to 15 years ago in my first show of Katy Perry! Remains the same!! LOVE ???”.

“The dolls,” called Hari Nef in the comments, and the truth is that they seemed to barbies made in series, blonde the two and with that permanent smile. That is, to walk with an eye to both Orlando as Anwar Hadid (the boyfriend of Dua) will not be that foolish to end up taking shape.

And if there is no loving relationship between them, to see if at least there is a collaboration that sure would lead to the curiosity of many.