Kelly Clarkson recalls shooting in Texas on the Billboard


The singer Kelly Clarkson, presenter of the awards Billboard, opened the gala with a speech about the recent shooting at a school in Santa Fe (Texas), and asked the bystanders who, instead of remembering the victims with a moment of silence, conducting “a time for action”.

“I’m a girl from Texas and my state has broken the heart. Once again we are crying for the children who have died without any reason. Wanted to do a moment of silence but I’m tired of moments of silence. It is something that does not work,” he said today, the popular artist on the stage of the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas (Nevada).

“Why, instead of a moment of silence, we do not make a moment of the action? Why don’t we change what is happening? Because it’s horrible,” he continued.

Clarkson pointed out that parents should be able to send their children “to schools, churches, movie theaters, clubs without this type of fear.”

“We need to make things better. We are failing our children. I have four children. I can not imagine what it would be to respond to that phone call. So, instead of a moment of silence, I want to respect and honor the victims with a moment of the action. We have a time for action,” he said.

At least 10 people were killed and 13 others were wounded due to the shooting of a student in the School District of Santa Fe, southeast Texas, with what they already are 22 shootings registered in educational institutions u.s. in 2018.