Kendall Jenner and various celebrities wear tennis whites


The name of Kendall Jenner and the word tennis, go hand in hand without a problem. This shoe is one of the favorites when it comes to any look that it-girl you want to orchestrate, either inside or outside of your home: the way in which it has, seems to be one that’s revived from the nineties, to be during this decade.

Trends noventeras are returningand it has been confirmed by the necklaces of shells which were fashionable in that decade, the sandals uglythe haircut of Rachel Green and the cuffed jeans, among many other things. If you thought that this was going to end soon, then you’re very wrong, because the last thing that we have seen in sports shoes, it has an air that seems to be taken from those years.

Kendall Jenner

© Jackson Lee

It is true that trends come and go, but when it comes to tennis, particularly a few that combine both, it is impossible to think about why we ignore them before. Less evil that the young and talented model, Kendall Jenner has brought us out of our error and we have been shown the tennis best are.

According to Kendall Jenner, these are sneakers that are best seen

Although she loves the dynamism in this type of footwear, she also likes to take them free of color, particularly if they are tennis in white color. Yes, we know that the answer seems pretty obvious, but what is certain is that there is some other model of footwear that may matcheither being comfortable or combinable.

She usually resorts to models of Adidas: classic as Stan Smith or Superstar are the order of the day in your catalog tennis. Already been seen wearing tennis whites in Los Angeles (and confirming that it would be a trend for 2020), but we take a look at their photos and we cannot avoid thinking that for just a little over a year, not only has led, but that promise to be the trend ideal for wearing inside and outside the home.

Emily Ratajkowski confirms that what these tennis are the best match

They say that if you carry more than two is trendand so it seems to support the actress Emily Ratajkowski. She is one of those women who are in the list of ‘the celebs that take their coolest looks for the dog for a walk’. And of course, it has done this carrying tennis: white, to be exact.

The tennis whites are on-trend

© Robert Kamau

Some weeks ago, pulled out to walk his dog wearing a light coat, a set in shades of camel and a few tennis white wines, which combined perfectly well with the range of neutral that was carrying. We found that the tennis white may be worn with dress pantsand to be just as well.

These two names join the list of figures that they wear tennis whites to create a statement able to say something that goes far beyond the style: now the comfort is part of the outfitsproving that you do not have to bear combinations that are uncomfortable to look good. To follow in everyday life, we have no doubt that it is a matter of time (with luck, one very short), so that it fits the uniform to work.

If you’re already thinking of joining this wave of tennisyou’re very on time, because we will begin to see even more, plus you will continue using, no matter the time of year, coordinated with shorts, skirts, dresses, coats, sweaters and jackets… yes, basically, with everything.

Kendall Jenner wearing tennis whites

© Gotham

Without a doubt, we could expose a list of celebrities who have taken the tennis whitesbut only a few have been used in such a way that these can emulate the true glamour at the time of porting them, as Kendall Jenner. She and Emily Ratajkowski are already… do you animarías to wear the tennis whites as a it-girl?

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