Kendall Jenner explains how your mental health during the quarantine


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Since the start of the quarantine by COVID-19, non-governmental organizations and some famous, spoke about the importance of mental health during this difficult period.

Anxiety can be one of the consequences of social distancing. According to the World Health organization (WHO), more than 260 million people suffer from chronic anxiety, which can affect any style of life.

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Public figures also deal with problems of this type. Someone who suffers from years ago, is the famous model Kendall Jenner.

In an interview for the program Good Morning Americathe young man talked about the attacks that came to be before receiving help with your anxiety.


I was very young and I remember feeling that I couldn’t breathe (…) and run to my mother and say: ‘mom, I’m sorry that I can not breathe. Something must be wrong’.

Shortly after, Kendall began to take seriously their health. In a moment everything calmed down, but the attacks returned to his life when he won fame on the catwalks of fashion. The also influencer decided to learn about your condition to know what to do.


Today, Kendall is so rocks in the topic, who wants to help those who are suffering the same thing. Given the above, is joined to fashion designer Kenneth Cole to participate in the Coalition of Mental Health.

In social networks, the group encourages users to share how they live with their anxiety, in addition, they fight together, the stigma that surrounds the disease.

By wanting others to express themselves in a safe space, Kendall created the hashtag for Instagram #howareyoureallychallange. Using that talks how is your mental health during the quarantine.

So that more people participate, the fourth daughter of Kris Jenner defied her sister Kim Kardashian to tell her story. Kim did not hesitate to join in and respond:


I find myself as a very strong person mentally, but I have been challenged during this time.I started to have a anxiety very high when I was about to have my fourth child (…) this anxiety resurfaced recently.

Another objective of Kendall is to demonstrate that it is important to ask for help: you can not always deal with the attacks of anxiety, but recognize that the condition exists and must be treated by specialists, is the first step.

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