Kylie Jenner shows her perfect curls of her daughter Stormi recently raised


The small two year old has beautiful hair.

Stormi, the daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott is still stealing the attention in the social networks with its beauty and sweetness.

Some days ago, the famous entrepreneur shared in their stories of Instagram videos of his daughter, newly lifted with the hair loose, showing his perfect curls that have fallen in love with all networks.

In the video it appears the small of two years wearing a pyjama of butterflies with her hair loose, while Kylie caresses her hair and show how beautiful it is.

The daughters of the Kardashian Jenner have ended up with the stigma of the straight hair of the famous sisters, and they have come to impose fashion and show you the power of curly hair.

The celebrity used to comb their daughter with ribbons and pigtails, and a few times the sample with the loose hair, but when it does, lets see how cute that is.

“That beautiful Stormi with his curls”, “your hair is perfect I love it”, “I want to have some curls as defined as those of the daughter of Kylie”, “I love your hair and your attitude,” and “she is a very sweet and her hair is beautiful”, were some of the comments in networks.

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