Lady Gaga and Michael Jordan choose his works, is a native of argentina and dazzles the world with his paintings virtual


The plastic artist Alejandro Vigilante lives in the united States but these days is located in Argentina. Was traveling through Buenos Aires when they closed the borders and declared the social isolation, preventive and mandatory. As happened to many, the pandemic of the coronavirus has affected your work. The samples in Barcelona, New York and Miami that I had scheduled were canceled. However, in time of confinement will not prevent you to follow exposing your talent in your space preferred: social networks.

Lover of multimedia, Watchman is presented as “a pop artist” that unfolds in a “magical world”, as it defines the internet. “Pinto pop american. I’m very involved in the communication and networks. I have a phrase that always repeat, is that ‘there’s nothing more pop than the internet’” he says to Infobae.

His work drags a profound influence on the art of the sixties and reflects the “instantaneous exchange of information and the dilution of images, thanks to the popularity of social networks”. Reference in the variable artistic called “i-Pop”throughout his career, drew a communion between the digital art and traditional painting on canvas. It is an experience that calls “i-Art movement” and includes in addition to social networks, blogs, e-mails, chats and web pages. You cannot conceive of the creation of plastic out of the network.

This week, the name of the artist again to transcend into this “magical world”. His latest work is viralizó to capture the attention of the media South korea, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Japanamong others. This is a picture of one of the members of the famed band south Korean K-Pop, BTS.

From your perspective, reinterpreted a selfie the singer Jimin making the sign V, symbol of love and peace. In the image prevalent shades of violet, pink and blue, which blends with the black. The photo looks like the visual representation of a video of eight secondsthat background is accompanied by a fragment of the song “Serendipity”.

The painting is echoed in the digital world. Between their accounts of Instagram, where it has over 175 thousand followers, and Twitter, which has more than 600 thousand, the video exceeded 85 thousand reproductions. Fans of the band from all over the world joined to share it.

This is not the first time that the argentine artist portrays Jimin. “I’m a fan of BTS. I had long ago developed another portrait of her which was also a boom. He had just been invited as a guest on the program, Jimmy Fallon (‘The Tonight Show’) and there published the box I had made. This last one I did inspired especially on the subject Serendipitythat has a meaning: it is the discovery that occurs by chance, is like a revelation, something unexpected and fortunate things that are not looking for or researching. The impact that he had leads me to me to move forward in this that I am designing since 2001″.

Alexander Warden was born in 1964 in the neighborhood of Palermo, in Buenos Aires. After having studied business administration, followed in the footsteps of his father, also a painter. “It was a life decision”. He began as a muralist and worked with the filmmaker Oliver Stone in the movie “Any Given Sunday” (any given Sunday, 1999).

By then he was already based in the US In 1995 she moved to New Yorkwhere , six years after he witnessed the attack on the Twin Towers from the Marriott Hotel, the building opposite the World Trade Center. It was at that time where she launched the initiative to expand in the network. The idea was already hovering by his head: note that avizoraba that “art was to mobilize via the internet.”

Personalities such as Michael Jordan, Lady Gaga, Gloria Estefan, Halle Berry and Marcelo Tinelli they bought his paintings. The former footballer German Michael Ballack it is one of their biggest fans: it has more than 25 of his works. “The people are lucky I keep ordering boxes”, and account holds: “I always gave them a lot of importance to being happy, the other thing comes in addition, I paint to be happy.”

Design a box virtual using Photoshop it takes between half an hour and 45 minutes. “And crystallize it takes me a week. Use technique of transferring images. I begin to put color to work and is established”. Then, the multimedia format passes to the exhibitions, which are now suspended.

“When one speaks of the artists think of people of cinema, of theatre, but in my case I represent artists. Lots of people talk and realize that you lost your job. And for the artists it is also a very complicated” stresses on the current.

In this difficult context, Vigilante leaves a message to his colleagues: “I would say they turn to social networks, which I do not cease to amaze. Continue painting, and continue thinking about the future. These moments are to create, every day is a new opportunity. I must be the only artist active in the social networks that I keep generating. With the theme of the quarantine we have to reinvent ourselves”.

Face-to-future also arises the curious: who will be the next portrait? Alejandro prefers not to reveal it and responds to the question inviting you to discover it in their accounts, which are an art gallery open to the public.