Lady Gaga’s “flirted” with the sobriety of the record “Chromatica”

The american actress and singer Lady Gaga he told how he has been staying away from alcohol and cigarette, what happened while making the album “Chromatica“because for her the music has been healing.

The singer of 34 years spoke to Zane Lowe of Apple Music, who during the making of their album “flirted with sobriety”, making reference to the song “911”, in which account of the experience he had with a antipsychotic:

“I do not take any medication for the pain, because it is not healthy for me. But I have flirted with the idea of sobriety. I’m still not there, but coqueteé with it throughout the album. It is something that arose as a result of trying to overcome the pain I felt”. explained.

The singer-songwriter shared that it is “perfectly imperfect”, for her the struggle of quitting has been difficult, however, for the activist, it is important to live in the present and not reprocharse:

“Part of my healing process was: ‘Well, I lash out against myself all day to continue drinking, or I can be glad I’m still alive and move on’ and feel well enough”.

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To the interpreter of “Stupid Love” record “Chromatica” was a process where he was leaving habits and one of these was smoking: “it Was all the time making this record. And when we finished, I stopped. It was the most strange and beautiful thing that could have happened.”

Lady Gaga, has experienced a process of detachment and forgiveness, it has also been given the time to put attention on their mental health: “I forgive myself for all the ways that I punished in private”.