Lana del Rey is tundida on social networks after criticizing the music of Beyonce and Nicki Minaj


The singer received a wave of negative comments when he criticized the themes of Beyoncé, Cardi B and Nicky Minaj, however, she defended himself by saying that he mentioned them because they are the singers of your favorite.

Mexico city, march 23 (RT).- The american singer Lana del Rey has unleashed a controversy in social networks and has been accused of racism after criticizing in his Instagram that artists such as Beyoncé, Doja Cat or Nicki Minaj, among others —mostly women of color— have more success in their musical career with songs about “being sexy” or “not wearing clothing”, when, she says, she was “crucified” and accused of “glamurizar abuse” when he explored these same themes in his music.

“The question for culture: now that Doja Cat, Ariana, Camila, Cardi B, Kehlani and Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé have earned their number one and with songs about being sexy, don’t wear clothes, have sex, cheat, etc, can I go back to sing about feel good, feel beautiful to be in love even if the relationship is not perfect, or dance for money, or what you want, without being crucified or say that I’m glamurizando the abuse?”, he wrote in a long publication, in which he also announced the release date of his next album.

His words were not well received by many internet users, who were not slow to express their rejection in the networks, accusing Lana del Rey of to criticize only to artists of color.

“Lana Del Rey is racist. Why is only attacking women of color? wrote a user.

“Lana del Rey sucks and is racist and thinks that singing about cocaine and men who don’t love it makes you identify with the teenagers. Has 34 years”, commented another tuitera.

“Lana could have made his approach without focusing on women of color. Many women like Madonna, Lita Ford, Wendy O. Williams, Dixie Chicks (Goodbye Earl), and Kate Bush sang or wrote songs about the same things that you mentioned in your posting on Instagram,” said another internet user.

The singer defended himself from criticism by claiming that his comments had nothing to do with racial grounds, emphasizing that the artists that you mentioned in your posting are “their singers favorite”.

“It is sad to speak of a problem of women of color when I am talking of my singers favorite,” she said.

“He could have mentioned anyone, but I chose to my favorite people. And this is the problem of the current society, it’s not all about what you want it to be. This is exactly the point of my post: there are certain women that the culture does not want to have a voice, you may not have to do with race, I do not know what to do. I don’t mind, but never, ever, brother, call me racist, because that is a lie,” he said.