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The singer Rihanna has put his granite of sand in the fight against the coronavirus. Its foundation Clara Lionel will make a donation of 5 million dollars with the goal of reducing the impact of the COVID-19 in the poorest communities. The foundation will allocate that generous amount to the marginalized communities of the united States, the Caribbean and Africa.

The foundation launched a press release in which he speaks of concern for the future. “When we started this year, we could never have imagined how COVID-19 would alter so dramatically in our lives. No matter who you are or where you’re from, this pandemic will affect us all. And for the most vulnerable in the world, worse may be to come.” The foundation of Rihanna it is very sensitive to this type of causes “during the past five years, CLF has been one of the first organisations to respond to some of the natural disasters more devastating in the world, and we have seen first-hand the profound consequences and involuntary of not being prepared”.

With this donation aims to support the local food banks that serve the most disadvantaged sectors of the population. In addition, countries such as Malawi or Haiti will have the possibility of accelerating the testing and health care. On the other hand, will support the workers of the hospitals dealing with cases of coronavirusproviding them with the necessary protection to prevent contamination, laboratories, and maintenance of intensive care units, among other things.

The foundation executive director, Justine Lucas, stated that it is critical to focus on the most disadvantaged, “has never been more important or urgent to protect and prepare communities that are marginalized and underserved, those who will be most affected by this pandemic,” and that is very important to be ready for what is coming “we know that one of the most powerful weapons that we have against the COVID-19 is to be prepared”.

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