Melania Lenoir, the star of the musical that surprised Will Smith


It is one of the “first ladies of the musical comedy”. The facts confirm: was the role of Velma Kelly, in Chicago; he participated in Avenida Q; was the Princess Fiona, in Shrek; she joined the casts of The Rocky Horror Show, Forever Young, and Rock of Ages and was honored for his work in Jekyll and Hyde. For all that, Melania Lenoir is one of the most recognized artists on the circuit of the local music.

But the talent has no borders, and that Melania was able to show off on television, in strips as My love, my love, by Telefe,or Beautiful, by The Thirteen, and also in cinema. There, you even erased the geographical borders with stakes international: Colonia Dignidad, alongside Emma Watson, and Focus, with Will Smith. His encounter with Will Smith, treasures, in addition, a story unforgettable.

In your scene, Melania was supposed to be dancing at a party, when Will Smith would approach and he would ask him if he had seen his girlfriend. She should respond “I think that is there” but it turns out that Will improvised and surprised her with another question. Said “what Buenos Aires is a free country?”, no imagine that gave him the ball biting in front of the arch, as Melania replied “Buenos Aires is a city, not a country.”

(Photo: Press Melania Lenoir)
(Photo: Press Melania Lenoir)

The scene came out so natural that remained and Melania, in jest, presumed to have acted with Will Smith, a guy who by your pint of beau and fame could act as a “star capricious,” but prefer the good vibes. As Melania, attest to the good vibes of Will Smith after a note in New York in the received me as if we were old acquaintances.

But let’s get back to Melania Lenoir. In addition to his talent undisputed for the musical comedy, a great actress of theater text, as was shown in The curious incident of the dog at midnight.

Now, presents Güerayour first and personal album that reaches out to the digital platforms. With the excuse of the launch, we invite you to the Ping Pong of TN Show.

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(Photo: Press Melania Lenoir)
(Photo: Press Melania Lenoir)

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By Alejandra Peñalva.