“Michael Bay was bothered that my boobs were under my head””


Kate Beckinsale, the female protagonist of Pearl Harborhas arremetifo hard against the film’s director, Michael Bay. And is that, according to the actress, the filmmaker responsible for titles such as Transformers or 13 hours I was not used to dealing with actresses who were blonde and did not have breasts towering.

In an interview on the tv program The Graham Norton Show, the actress declared: “I don’t think that fits the type of actress Michael Bay. I think he was baffled because my boobs were not as big as my head and because it was not blonde,” notes the actress. “Just having my daughter and had lost weight,” explains Beckinsale, “but they told me that if they gave me the paper would have to get in shape. I did not understand why a nurse from 1940 would have to do that,” he says.

In addition, points out that during the promotion of film Bay was asked why he had chosen the two male protagonists. He then pointed out that he had already worked with Ben Affleck and who worships him, and that Josh Harnett was an actor a wonderful and manly. But she recalls Beckinsale, said that “it was not so attractive to alienate the female audience”. “He continued by saying that in all the places that we went, and they were many”, he concludes.

When Pearl Harbor premiered in 2001, Michael Bay was asked on several occasions by the choice of actors. According to collected then Movielineout , he chose Affleck because “he had something that the pilots had known also had. A determination of your work.” In terms of Harnett, predicted that he would “be big” in the movie. And about Kate Beckinsale… “I Wanted somebody who was not too pretty. Women feel uncomfortable when they see someone so handsome.” said by the director then. “I’m not saying that Kate is not beautiful. It is very fun and fits in very well with the guys. It is not neurotic like other actresses,” he added.