Miley Cyrus and her (unexpected) reaction to the relationship of Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks


To say goodbye to the 2019 and the last decade, Miley Cyrus recalled his love story with Liam Hemsworth in the last 10 years, through an emotional video he posted on Instagram and on her Youtube channel and included the most important events of his life during that time.

In this recording, the pop star made it clear that her ex-husband had been someone very special in your life, that is why some people started to wonder recently What do you think about Miley Cyrus that Gabriella Brooks is the new girlfriend of Liam Hemsworth?

As well as the relationship of Miley and Cody Simpson it seems to go very seriouslyeverything points to that the romance between the star of ‘The Hunger Games’ and Gabriella is taking increasingly the formbecause the family of the Hollywood actor already known to the model australian and all we could notice the great chemistry that exists between the two, then that Liam Hemsworth confirmed to kisses that Brooks is his girlfriendduring a passionate and sexy romantic date on the beach.

What do you think about Miley Cyrus that Gabriella Brooks is girlfriend of Liam Hemsworth?

‘Miley is not asking your mutual friends about the new relationship of Liam. She does not want to make anybody uncomfortable and not controlling for Liamsince they have very few mutual friends with the both speak’, he assured a source close to the couple to Hollywood Life.