Miley Cyrus begins to enjoy the summer to the rhythm of Noah Cyrus


LOS ANGELES (united States).- The little sister of the singer Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, recently launched a new EP: “The End of Everything”, and the former Disney star helped to promote the music with a video of TikTok, which you can see HERE. For the clip, Miley sported a sexy black bikini, while the music of Noah sounded background. “Seeing me in a bikini for the first time since the quarantine,” subtituló. “The new EP from Noah Cyrus is already available! #EndOfEverything,” she added, on the production of her sister.

See Miley to support publicly to Noah is quite refreshing. Especially when one of the songs of ” The End of Everything is about the fame of Miley took a toll on the younger sister when she was a girl, by making her feel insecure of their talents, overshadowed by its famous companion more. “Young & Sad” is the release of Noah in front of his childhood, and how difficult it was to grow up in the middle of a fame provided.

She opened up more about the song during a session of questions and answers of Instagram on the 14th of may, and he explained: “All I did spend a hard time being the little sister of Miley. I always felt that he was the one person that nobody cared for what people said online. It was absolutely unbearable,” he acknowledged. The statement of Noah, was the trigger of her crying in vivo, which was moved by the hundreds of fans who were watching the transmission.

Taking into account that Noah was only six years old when the program Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, took off with the Disney Channel, had to live the greater part of his childhood with a sister, a superstar. It was not until 2016 that the now also a singer began to prosper in your own career as a solo artist with the release of “Make Me (Cry)”. Since then, he has released several singles and two EP full of all their talent.

However, during all the difficult times, Miley has been a rock for Noah. “Noah has always confided in her,” said a source. “The cyber bullying that Noah took when I was a child was incredibly hard for the whole family because it really took a toll. Miley is very proud of Noah for putting up with the pain and put it in your music. And is very happy that the world finally see what talented is Noah”, he added.