Miley Cyrus reminds why not invite them to award shows | News


Grammy met the early hours of last Sunday to the great music today. Ariana Grande, Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Rosalia… and dozens of notable names attended the ceremony to celebrate their recent work. A long list that did not contain the name of Miley Cyrus. A fact that doesn’t sound unlikely, since the singer or has a new album, or any topic to celebrate during the gala.

So, the big night did not miss his father, Billy Ray Cyrus, which is made with two statuettes for Old Town Roadthe theme that has next to Lil Nas Xand that we have been for months listening to on loop. And the interpreter Malibu do not hesitate to congratulate him on the awards via Instagram: “Congratulations @lilnasx and @billyraycyrus for their victories at the Grammys last night! I love you both as family… well, one would have to love as a family and the other I want to! I want to”.

But that was not the only thing, the singer looked in the trunk of the memories and he also wanted to remember a time legendary -and controversial – of his career: the MTV EMA 2013. Do not you remember? Miley yes. At the gala, the singer took the stage, and during his speech he lit a joint, which caused a great stir throughout the world.

And we wonder why I’m not invited to the shows of awards…“he wrote in a post. We don’t know if that will be the reason, but what is clear is that it was a time in his career that appealed to quite a lot in that time. Do you will be afraid to repeat it?