Miley Cyurs comes back and puts out his voice after his surgery vocal

Miley Cyrus has entered a new decade full of enthusiasm and energy. After a bad streak, marked mainly by his divorce with Liam Hemsworth -split that became effective just a few days ago – the singer had to undergo a surgical operation that could have risked his career and professional future. The singer spent years suffering with problems in their vocal cords, and after getting sick and having complications from a tonsillitis, the artist was surgery. A news story that sparked alarm among its millions of followers, and after that, after weeks ‘of silence’ and rehabilitation, Miley has ‘recovered his voice’ and is ready to return to give it my all on stage.

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The protagonist of the successful series, child of the Disney Channel Hannah Montana he has shared with his followers the curious technique, which has been following to work out his vocal cords after the hard bump of health has gone through. A few exercises which speaks wonders and they seem to have helped to recover seemingly without effort. “No, No, no, no…”, written along at the publication in which it appears, precisely, doing some arpeggios with this adverb of negation.

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“No more sentadillas wall or vocal exercises for rehabilitation! (It’s a trick to cool which causes another muscle to ‘fire’ for your throat to be distracted, taking the pressure off of your vocal chords and when doing this against a wall, also helps to keep the chin and neck parallel / backwards so that there is also less stress and pulling!)”, continues to the interpreter as he explains this particular technique of exercise music. “Everything is being wonderful these days (and ALWAYS! Although it is sometimes more difficult to be aware of the magic) I’m discovering that the surgery vocal to which I underwent at the end of last year was a gift, it made me stop and take time to refine and improve in my career! ¬°Stay tuned!”, concludes with these mysterious words, which could indicate the return of the artist to the stage.

The reactions have not been made wait, and the comments and ‘I like’ with the publication can be counted to thousands. One of the reactions most striking is that it was precisely one of the sisters of the protagonist of The last song, Brandy Cyrus, who did not hesitate to challenge the singer to perform the squats from below. “I bet that you can lose more while you do squats”, I was joking.