Nicki Minaj and her master stroke: what is removed to form a family?


Rapper american Nicki Minaj meets 37 years and is already officially withdrawn. This was announced by herself a few weeks ago, through a message on your social networks. And it does so with a clear objective: wants to be a mom and raise a family.

And is that almost without realizing it, Nicki Minaj already has ten years in the world of music being a pioneer, as that was one of the driving rap feminine international. In 2007 launched his first album, ‘Partytime Is Over’, and since then has not stopped accumulating awards: he has been nominated 10 times at the Grammyshas got the record Guiness to the singer in solo that more times has entered the list of Billboard and has become the first rapper woman in sell more than 100 million copies of their albums and singles.

The arrival of his second studio album, ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’was the fast ascent to the star-studded the young rapper at the international level. And is that simple as ‘Super Bass’ or ‘Starships’, Nicki Minaj got vender more than 9 million copies of your work ‘Pink Friday’ in all its editions.

During some years, his success, fame and work placed as the regarding the rap female. But as everything does not last forever, they began to raise other voices that sought to take away the crown to Nicki. In 2013, a girl from the australian began to gain popularity with a song called ‘Bounce’, Iggy Azalea. And he was followed by the smash hit ‘Black Widow’. Although he still had a long journey to reach to reach out to Minaj, what is certain is that the hegemony of the singer in the sector of the rap female had begun to endanger.

In case outside little, came, 2017 and with him a hurricane that revolutionized the market of the american rap: Cardi B. Their debut single ‘Bodak Yellow’ he managed to get to number 1 of the list of successes of the united States, something that the only rapper that I had achieved previously was Nicki Minaj. Her following hits were not far behind, as ‘I Like It’ reached a billion views on YouTube. The resounding success of Cardi B began to fidget Nicki Minajthat saw in the past few years had decreased the number of albums of theirs sold. In fact, the rivalry between them was beyond the charts, because among them was born a enmity that was clear from the celebration of New York Fashion Week 2018when Cardi B tried to attack to Nicki Minaj with a shoe.

That same year, the rapper released his last album, ‘Queen’. The result was not as expected: 156.000 copies sold in the united States and only 1.228.000 copies around the world. And despite the fact that still, the rap singer most listened to on the digital platforms, it is clear that it has slowly been losing the hegemony that it enjoyed some years ago. And this is the reason that some believe that beyond the announcement of his retirement from the music there is a strategy: leave when you still “reigning” to not recognize never the possible loss of the throne. And if there is a detail that we also have clear is that the day you decide to come back, what will it do for the big door. And is that a temporary withdrawal never comes nothing evil.