“Nicki Minaj is a copy of Lil Kim”

Lil Kim and Foxy Brown not opened the doors to new female rappers, as on arrival there was already a large MCs female highly respected throughout the industry. What they did is to complement the skills in the micro with major exploitation of the cult of the body, or what sexy as part of the image of the artist.

This was nothing new in the rest of musical genres, but perhaps yes in hip hop, which up until that time women female rappers looked aesthetically very similar to that of men: sports clothing and pose serious and almost gangsta.

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In this way, Kim and Brown paved the way for many other artists who wanted to exploit their musical talents along with an image more sensual, and the success came during all the ninety and the status of legend he stayed forever.

The music (and marketing it) has always been recycling ideas and put them back again in scenario and there is no doubt that Nicki Minaj first and Cardi B after have drunk a lot of Foxy Brown and Lil Kim.

And there is nothing wrong with it, in fact (and if we try to be objective) in the first recordings of Nicki Minaj the quality of his raps was pretty top to those of the two artists mentioned above. Then it was relaxing in that aspect and began to work less, but when Minaj came on the scene left the picture open-mouthed.

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Perhaps today we forget it because it almost is more considered a pop star that a good MC.

The statements of Usher on Nicki Minaj

The last to enter the eternal comparison was the legendary singer of R&B Usherthat , in a conversation on Instagram Live with the producer Swizz Beatz (on a possible battle of Verzuz between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj) he said that Nicki is a copy of Lil Kim.

With this, the artist returned to re-open the melon of the eternal comparison between the two.

We know that (directly or indirectly) Kim has been a big influence on Minaj, but also that Usher has been imitated ad nauseum to Michael Jacksonthen why for he himself is good and for others is “be a copy”?

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All the artists in the world take inspirations, not only in music, also in the rest of the disciplines. What we don’t fully understand is why in the case of Usher’s well, and in the case of Minaj’s wrong. The only difference -which is a lot – is that the first recognizesbut perhaps it is not enough.

We’ll see what the next chapter in the eternal soap opera between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim. Two artists who belong to two different times, and that maybe they should (they and the rest of the industry) to stop azuzarse and start to recognize merits.

And it is that sooner or later will come a new artist that has been inspired by Minaj and the new generations will have it as a new idol. And nothing will happen.

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