Oh Natalia Barulich, with two reasons! Or the soda manages to cool to Maluma


Obviously it has many other talents, but if we stick, as it tends to do, to the purely physical Natalia Barulich is a ticking bomb with compelling reasons to conquer the heart not because of Maluma, as it has done and has completely fallen in love with (something expressed by the singer on several occasions) but to any man, including the thousands who continue to dj and model on Instagram

On the platform is a influencer in the process of boiling. Its beauty coupled with its facet by clicking music as a disc jockey and his romance with the well-known vocalist reguetonero colombianyou have been put in place in one of the positions of privilege overview of the faranduleo coffee. It is already one of the brides more beautiful and followed the sign of all of them.

Former ballet dancer, the Croatian has cuban origins, which gives you a bit of the best of the two worlds, the beauty frigid of women in the center of Europetheir fine traits and stylish, and the power and explosiveness cuban. As we see, it is not casual that already with that have stuck to the star trap. But there is more. Natalia has moneysince his father is a prosperous businessman, has also appeared in the the covers of magazines like FHM or Esquirewas a model in the contest by Miss California and, among other things, jumped definitely famous for its calving grounds in a video clip of Britney Spears.

It is evident that Natalia hides pretty much most of what you see with the naked eye. Although some would not back down, as in this emphatic photograph in which we see all the attributes of the model in splendour. In front of a soda, his simple vision prevents that to get out of the summer. Tremendous document that has delighted their many fans.