“Oh, scary!”. So I had the face of Jennifer Lopez in her first casting!


May 24, 2020
(11:23 CET)

Not everyone knows the beginnings of Jennifer Lopez in the world of music. Singer from New York 30 years in the industry, a time more than considerable.

In fact, do anything just to upload to Youtube the releases of the artist in the casting and the images are worth seeing.

In them we can see Jennifer Lopez in action, first in the initial part of the selection process and after you directly by singing and dancing.

A step forward in the united States

The program in which you see the casting of Jennifer Lopez it was titled In Living Color, and was recorded in 1990 as a sort of what later would be in Spain UPA Dance.

In the video we can see that the singer still not mastered the art of follow choreography. And now follow them.

jennifer lopez

A clear change

Despite the fact that the traits have changed little beyond a touch-up physical that has been done in new york in the past, what is certain is that the change is seen most in the outfits.

And above all, to highlight your curly hair similar to an endive that had Jennifer Lopez in that time and that took off when he jumped to fame.