Only fans! 7 things you did not know Natti Natasha favourite of Daddy Yankee!

From the caribbean and talented in several genres, has been nominated at least a dozen awards in a career with full success in Spanish america at the age of 33.

Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista is his first name, known in music as ‘Natti-Nat’ or ‘Natti Natasha’, is the Latin artist that has been ringing and he has said this on the grand stages of exponents of various musical styles such as Silvestre Dangond, Bad Bunny, Ozuna or Romeo Santos.

The reggaetonera more beautiful

Beyond the rumors of his love lifeas elucidated by the same artist, the singer-a native of the Dominican Republic cause intrigue and curiosity in the world of the show; the following list outlines the more interesting data about the bella Natti Natasha surely didn’t know!:

1 – Thought to be a nun: Its first appearances in the music back in your presentation in the church, during which he had the opportunity to participate in several artistic activities, and passed by the mind to be devout.

2 – Don Omar, his ‘godfather’: Since its inception, the experienced reggaetonero has been a person who has been guided. One of his first songs that put her in orbit of the world was ‘Dutty Love’, which played in 2011 and earned several Billboard awards.

3 – Is vegan: When questioned about his slender figure, she confesses, “is addicted to the gym” because in this way you start the day with more energy. The dominican manifested to maintain a diet based on fruits and vegetables.

4 – Passed by the surgeon: Has put in the hands of the operating room your profile on the nose and some changes in your jaw in order to highlight your cheekbones. It has done liposuction to show off an enviable figure along with his re-powered bust and buttocks respectively.

5 – Famous collaborations: Oddly enough has had the most impact in their famous featuring with the already mentioned Don Omar (Dutty Love), with Bad Bunny (Lovers of the night), Daddy Yankee (Another thing), Ozuna (Criminal) and hot topic with your colleague Becky G titled ‘No pajamas’.

6 – have No children: Despite his 33 years of age the artist has declared that “all your time” because you have not felt yet the need to bring a baby and faced with the question of if she is a lesbian, she responded that it is “ennoviada with the music”, giving a glimpse of the doubt to their fans do you really like men?

7 – it is Not with Daddy Yankee: Although for many this is a half truth, the closeness between both of you does not leave to generate a deep curiosity for the majority of their fans.

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