PHOTO. Myrka Dellanos flatters the huge attributes of her daughter Alexa


Alexa Dellanos it is characterized to show his sensuous image in the social networks, something that no doubt the fans appreciated. And it is only on Instagram have 1.5 million fans.

The young man has made a great change of image from a couple of years ago, where it is evident the transformation product of multiple plastic surgeries.

However, in the midst of all of this change has been supported by her mom, the famous presenter Myrka Dellanoswho no doubt halagarla.

This time, the youtuber didn’t hesitate to pull out his side more sexy with a little too tight and shamelessly showed his rear of a stroke in a photograph, something which was applauded by his mom,

To the surprise of many, Myrka did not hesitate to applaud the good that is looked Alexa in front of a sort of a pink picket fence.

“This makes me laugh, all pose here sweaty and out of breath and your hair and makeup are perfect, what led you to the top? Lol”, could be read.

She thanked the words of his mother and replied: “I love You so much”, with smiley faces laughing and sending kisses.


Your photo was no problem for his followers, who did not hesitate to comment on the photo to fill it with compliments and point out how she manages to turn them back on.

But others criticized him for his obvious surgeries, which already does not make it so attractive as before.

  • “As he happens to contaminate the water with both silicon ???”
  • “What a woman, so beautiful”
  • “You’re such a delight, to see you lights up either”
  • “If she eats a shark dies of suffocation by plastic ?”
  • “So beautiful, but he has exaggerated the rear, where God didn’t put there should be no”
  • “That is not impact is horrible as the woman destroys your body”