Photo of the daughter of Jennifer Lopez with the straight hair and make-up, showing a more mature style


The daughter of the singer is changing his style and showing his transformation.

Emme, the daughter of Jennifer Lopez has grown and has become a beautiful and successful teenager with a great future.

In an image published in networks see how much it has grown and changed in the daughter of the famous singer, and has surprised all the fans.

Emme appears with makeup, and the hair long and smooth, very different to how we usually see it, because it usually takes their perfect curls and show it to the natural.

This shows that the teenager is evolving and changing his style, leaving behind the image of a child, and becoming a beautiful teenager.

Emme inherited the talent from his mother, and despite being so young, has already achieved many things in his life, like singing in important events with his mother, like the Super Bowl, or launch his first book, which goes by the name Lord Help Me.

The young man has become the best friend and companion of Jennifer Lopez, showing an amazing maturity at 12 years of age.

Recently, the actress also expressed his great pride for his daughter because of the book he wrote that goes by the name Lord help me, and will go on sale the 29th of September.

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