Posted picture of Selena Gomez without hair; is it real?


Many people have chosen raparse or get a change of look radical in full pandemic, when the leisure and time to spare. This time, it filtó an image of the singer Selena Gomezwho , apparently, joined the trend of surprising us with new look… but without the hair.

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But also, many creative people are plentiful in the network and this time, Selena Gomez he was prey to a radical change of look in the hands of graphic artists, who entirely changed the image of the ex Jusrtin BIeber, in the style of Britney Spears in 2000 when faced with a crisis.

The image that has broken the web and that is located in the mouth of all it is not real, it is a montage of Photoshop. It all started when a count of fans on Twitter, the singer shared a edited photoin which I read the caption “@SelenaGomez shared his new look in your history of Instagram”.

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selena gomez pelona

Photo: Twitter

Only took only a couple of minutes for this image would fly around the world and as was expected, the other did the same to join this trend, causing confusion among their fans.

The account on Instagram of @selena_s_salon he also shared an edited photo of the actress also appears strolling the streets of Los Angeles, sheathed in a sweat suit, with a shaved head. But in the original photo Selena wears a ponytail.

A publication shared dselena_s_salon) the

So now you know the truth behind this controversial photo that has kept us all in suspense, because some came to believe that Gomez was going through a crisis or that it was part of his new personality, but it is not so, in fact, the singer has taken advantage of the quarantine to leave your hair natural.

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selena gomez hair

Photo: Instgram @selenagomez