Reveal surgeries of the sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner-The half not the notice!


In the last few hours, there emerged a debate revealing about cuántes and what surgeries have sisters, famous models, Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Here we bring to you all the information. It’s not what you believe!

The clan Jenner-Kardashian it is very famous for always being the center of attention: on television with his own show, clothing lines and makeup on the runways and major events, even by fighting among themselves or with their partners.

But without a doubt, the feature that was most disturbing to some, divine to others, are the surgeries. In this opportunity, the arrow points to the sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner: how many surgeries do you have? and above all, what is staged?

Let’s start with the model Kendall Jenner: the lips it is one of the surgeries most notable. The upper lip of the actress looks more slim from a few years ago here. Also, we can in the front, as to increase and achieve firmness.

On the other hand, the cheekbones: before looked much more round than they are now. In the meantime, although she denies it, the nose it is another of the traits that ensure it is tweaked. Is it just makeup or really there was a scalpel that participated in the face of Kendall?

Before and after, Kendall Jenner.

Continuing with Kylie Jenner, reflects a noticeable filler for lips, rhinoplasty (although it denies it, now it looks more thin and fine than before), fillers in the face to remove expression lines, and lift and augmentation back and forward, even hip.

Before and after Kylie Jenner.

Do you think too much? what should be more natural? or do you are free to do what they want with their physical?