Rihanna returns to save our day: we need your new song!


It has already been four years since we didn’t hear new material Rihanna. Which is understandable, if we are aware of the news and we see that it has been fully immersed in the world of business, with your brand of lingerie and beauty Fenty, which highlights because if something can boast is the diversity and the content of all its customers. Rihanna has opted for a brand that knows men and women are different and have different needs. And that’s why we love them!

However, that does not mean that the fans want listen to new musical material, because if something knows how to do Rihanna, is to make happy all with his amazing music touches electronic and pop music that make us dance. Well, before a pandemic and the world in full stress… finally, we have a new song from Rihanna in 2020!

In collaboration with PARTYNEXTDOOR, Rihanna launches the simple ‘Believe it’ that quickly was heard by their fans in the digital platforms of music most important. Of course, the Rihanna song it was very well received by the fans, although this only increased the desire to have a new album of RiRi, but one exclusively of her.

However, the release of this single also brought a lot of fans, as was the rumor that Rihanna already would be devoted entirely to your brandor perhaps it would take many more years for her to return to the studio.