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Both the prince William as Henry of Sussex almost do not speak on the death of his mother, Diana of Waleshowever, the eldest son of Charles of Wales he spoke of his feelings after the death of his mother, when he became a father.

“Football, prince William, and our mental health “, is a documentary on BBC1 that he speaks about mental health and, in a candid interview, the duke of Cambridge he spoke with the player Marvin Sordell, who confesses to his depression, attempted suicide, and parenting.

“It was the most difficult time of my life. I grew up without my father… and now I have a son. I really don’t know how I’m dealing with this and I struggled with my emotions at this moment”, tells the front to the grandson of the queen Elizabeth ll.

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Impressed with the confession of Sordell, the prince William answered with his heart and talked about the loss of his mother when he was just 15 years old.

“I can feel identified with what you’re saying. Having children is the greatest moment that changes you life, it really is, and I agree with you. I think that when you’ve gone through something traumatic in life, like when you say that your dad is not around, or as in my case, my mother died when I was younger, your emotions to be a father again by leaps and bounds because it is a stage very different from the life and there is nobody to help you. I, definitely, I felt at times very overwhelmed,” revealed the brother of Harry. Also read: Prince Harry is “new” dad in the united States

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On the other hand, the grandson of the queen Elizabeth ll mentions that the arrival of their three sons, the prince Georgethe princess Charlotte and the prince Louis it was amazing, but it was also frightening, however, is something that he has worked with his wife, Kate Middleton.

“So I can empathise completely with what you’re saying about the children when they are born. It is one of the most amazing life, but it is also one of the scariest. Kate and I support each other, and we go through those moments together and we evolve and we learn together,” concluded the prince William.

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This is not the first time that the son of Charles of Wales talks about the death of Lady Disince last year he participated in a film in which he spoke with players as Peter Crouch on the loss of your mom, mentioning that it is a “pain like no other”.

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