Salma Hayek doing yoga in heels during quarantine


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Mexico city /

Salma Hayek is following the recommendations of the authorities, for what is kept in isolation by the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19but in their social networks showed that despite the fact that it has tried to relax and stay active, the days of confinement have already had effects on it.

In your account of Instagram, the actress shared a photography in that appears by the position of the arc of yogabut what is striking is that, in time, wear comfortable clothes, appears with a close-fitting black dress and heels.

“When you start to go to the wave after three weeks in quarantine”, she wrote along with the hashtags #Challenge, #yogainheels and #quarantinemood.

In a matter of hours, the photography of Salma Hayek exceeded 230 thousand likes and a thousand comments, that highlight your beauty and flexibility: “So beautiful”, “Salmayou always have cool” and “Beautiful photo”, wrote some of his followers.

Since some days ago, the actress veracruzana has used its social networks to interact with your followers and send them messages of support during the season of isolation with which it is intended to reduce the number of infections coronavirus Covid-19.

“I know most of us are doing everything possible to remain inside and stay away, but at least we are all in this together and thinking of the most vulnerable people,” he wrote.