Serena Williams is the best and will get the 24 Grand Slams: Boris Becker


Although he has been denying in the past few years, Boris Becker believes that Serena Williams will end up passing the barrier of the 23 Grand Slam titles won by Margaret Court. The tennis legend German even encouraged to predict what will be the tournament where the u.s. will match to Court: “Is the mother and overcomes the thirties.

I am sure that he would love to play the US Open this year. Call it the greatest of all time in the women’s tour. And it certainly deserves that title” “I, being German, I keep thinking about Steffi Graf as our queen in the sport, but Serena is without a doubt the largest.

Margaret Court is the most successful. That said, in their day they played three of the four major tournaments on grass, so it was more easy to earn if you feel comfortable on grass,” added the former world number one.

Finally, Becker explained that he is “confident that Serena wants to reach out to the 24 titles. I think that is the reason why the play continues. She is a role model for all the mothers who are professionally involved in the sport.

While you want to play, I think he can win. So while Serena is good enough to get to the end, is good enough to win”