Shawn Mendes does not cease being approached by fans, mexican or mariachi


Shawn Mendes stroll through the surroundings of the hotel where you are staying. During his walk he was surrounded by elements of personal safety that they would not allow any admirer or any person near him.

In the morning, the canadian singer was caught walking the streets around the Seville metro and while some of the passers-by identified it and wanted to take advantage of the moment to take a selfie or at least say hello, your safety is prevented from doing so.

Last Wednesday very early, hundreds of admirers of the performer of hits like “In my blood” and “Lady”, among others, waited all day, hoping to greet him and take home an autograph.

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And despite the fact that he brought a mariachi band who sang outside the hotel, for nearly an hour, their wishes could not be met because the singer did not came out.

Until now only a child who was having breakfast within the hotel with his family, at the same time that Shawn was able to be photographed with him.

Mendes debuts today in the Palace of Sportsthis being the first date of three presentations, which culminate next Saturday, the 21st of December.