So was Nicki Minaj before the surgery the face and the body!


December 05, 2019
(14:00 CET)

There are many celebrities who flock to the social networks to be displayed as they are to his followers. The great majority of them have a great team behind you that takes care of every one of the details in their publications.

It is not so in the case of Nicki Minaj. The rapper, in fact, stands out among all the celebrities to make their Instagram an open book of their moods and their tastes. There have been many times that the singer has left his followers with the mouth open with the publication of very risqué.

Among other things because, as you well know those who follow it for a long time, Nicki is not exactly an artist, simple in his tastes when dressing and choosing outfits with designs very risky.

The photo of Nicki Minaj

And is that they are curves which have often become the protagonists of their publications. Something that, as has been shown on many occasions, has generated some controversy and unease among their haters, who criticize you that you are always in search of the media noise.

That is why now their opponents have been circulated by the networks an image in which we can see Minaj very young, long before being famous and, above all, long before they passed through the operating room to undergo surgery the face and the body.

Nicki Minaj

And of course, taking into account that many had not seen as well, the comments have exploded: “whatIs she?”, “What a beast”, “One of the transformations more beasts that I remember”, “I’ve been stone” or “And I thought that Nicki Minaj had always been so…” these are just a few of the many opinions so that you can read on the net and in the forums by that is circulating the photo in question.

A photo that since then, seeing the reactions it has generated, it seems that is going to become one of the natural weapons of the haters of the singer.