Sophie Turner is in fashion


Recently premiered in the home market in the latest installment of the saga mutant with the seal of Fox independently X-Men: Phoenix Dark. Its protagonist, Sophie Turner, will cobbling together a career in the film industry.
The project to show the story of how Jean Grey has just turned into the villain Phoenix is not new. Already carried as a sub-plot in X-Men: The final decision (Brett Ratner, 2006). That film marked the end of the first trilogy of the X-Men to not meet the expectations of the study and to see how the critical and box-office gave it back. In that movie, the responsibility fell on Framke Janssen, who played Jean Grey as best he could in a script in which she was not the protagonist. However, on this occasion, all the weight of the tape resides on the character. It was the opportunity of showcasing Sophie Turner, who already incarnated the tel├ępata in X-Men: Apocalypse (Brian Singer, 2016). However, the glory hasn’t come to this film, which is shaping up as the end of a cycle for the mutants before being introduced in the Movie Universe of Marvel after the purchase of Fox.
The tape is not as bad as it is intended to say and it is unfair to the abuse received by critics and the box office, although it is true that it is not the closure that the saga mutant it deserves. It is also true that is not what was intended. On the contrary, it was thought that it was the beginning of another trilogy, a plan that with the change of ownership has been frustrated.
Turner presents her character as someone fragile, full of doubts about the new powers that you just acquire. A few that do not understand or control. Faced with this weakness appears the character of Jessica Chastain, who manipulates it to their own interests. And Jean is left, triggering a crisis-level interplanetary. In that sense, embodies to perfection the inner struggle, that fear, that anguish and uncertainty that will cause everything that happens to her character, proving her talent as an actress, so if the film is referred to as failure will not be by the action of the british.
The fame and career path should be, above all, to the HBO series Game of Thrones -the final season arrives on the 3rd of December to the domestic market, where plays Sansa Stark, the eldest of the daughters of house Stark and says that she has learned a lot and enjoyed it. This same year, with the end of the series, he wanted to say goodbye to his character: “Sansa, thank you for teaching me strength, courage, and what is the true force. Thank you for teaching me to be kind and patient, and to lead with love. I grew up with you.” This interpretation has earned him recognitions such as the Empire Hero Award in 2015 and the Ewwy Award in 2016.
His foray into film came in 2013 starring in the movie of Isabel Coixet’s My other self, a haunting thriller in which he plays Fay, a teenager stalked by his doppelganger, or lookalike dark. In 2015 participated alongside Jessica Alba and Samuel L. Jackson in Academy of spies, directed by Kyle Newman and, finally, in 2016, would enter into the franchise mutant in X-Men: Apocalypse. In this last one gives life to Jean Grey, who has a personality apocada and fearful of the consequences of their powers. Your interpretation is pretty futile, but perfectly reflecting the personality of the character that then develop.
tap to reinvent itself. Even though it seemed that it was a good strategy to take the role of the tel├ępata of the X-Men, it’s not going to be as well. Despite the good work of the actress in the saga, the bad box office and bad critical harvested probably play against you. Also has the handicap of the eight years that he was playing Sansa in a way that many have been typecast in that role. Now that both franchises have ended his career, Turner is seen in the need to redirect his career. He is young and with plenty of talent, so it will not be difficult. This new opportunity could come in the series Survive, in which will share the limelight with Corey Hawkins. The fiction will be in the extreme experience of surviving a plane crash in an icy mountain full of secrets and dangers.