Sophie Turner teases hard of influencers that promote slimming products


Sophie Turner, known throughout the world for her character Sansa Stark in ‘Game of thrones’, do not think twice when criticizing the influencers that promote pills or any other weight loss product.

By means of their stories on Instagram, the actress of 23 years parodió to these figures of the social networks and expressed in ironic tone:

“Hey guys. I have chosen this look for the influencer because I want to promote this new product in powder that you have to put in the tea. This is going to make vomites up to get the brains out. I feel really bad promoting this type of products in front of you… but honestly I don’t care because I pay for it. So is the life of the influencer”, he says in the clip.

With this critique of Sophie Turner gives account of the risks that may exist after this type of publications, which though not done with bad intention, can end up hurting someone.

On the other hand, it is worth remembering that during the first seasons of ‘Game of thrones’, Turner admitted to feeling very insecure of their physique due to the criticism he received, and which affected his mental health.

This was stated by the british actress in the midst of an interview with Dr. Phil for the podcast Phil-in-the-Blanks published at the beginning of esther year. “Only what I believed. I said to myself: ‘Yes, I have pimples, I’m fat and I’m a bad actress (…) Even asked the team locker room that I certainly springs to mind is the corset”, tells the magazine Vanity Fair.

It is likely that your experience, Turner has been motivated to make this harsh criticism towards the influencers who promote these products.