Strong rumors about pregnancy of Sophie Turner is trending on Twitter


The main actress of the popular series Games of Thrones, Sophie Turnercould be pregnant with her current partner of the singer Joe Jonasaccording to several media of entertainment.

An international environment published “lcouple is keeping it in silence, but your friends and family are super excited for them“said one of the sources, of which, will not reveal your identity.

After this publication, several media launched news making it trend on the social network Twitter.

Another half international, headline news “Sophie Turner is pregnant with her first child with Joe Jonas” in the memo reveal that none of the representatives of both famous perhaps refer to the fact, claiming that they are not authorized to talk about the privacy of their clients.

On the other hand, the reactions did not wait for the fans of the couple; we leave you with some tweets:

The past 26 of January, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were together on the red carpet of the Grammys 2020, an award that took place at the Staples Center, in Los Angeles, California. On that occasion failed to witness any sign of the pregnancy of Turner.

The relatives of the family, indicated a medium of communication that Turner “has been choosing an outfit to use inside and outside of the red carpet, that is suitable for your changing body“in reference to his presence at the recent Awards Grammys.

The couple began their courtship in the year 2016, and the couple married in may of 2019, causing the activation of the showbiz world, which since then provides a follow-up special, until you get to publish this Wednesday’s possible arrival of their first child.

For its part, none of the two celebrities has been pronounced thereon, even when the international media the are labeled as a few of the pairs that are most active on social networks.

Still continues to wait for the official version of the couple, meanwhile, the media entertainment continue to emit rumors about the fact, claiming that their sources are intimates of the young couple.