Suga reveals how he was born ‘SUGA”s Interlude’, his collaboration with Halsey


When talking with the fans it is, Suga it is the best. The boy maintained a good talk with some girls ARMYwithin the VLIVEthe idol answered some of the questions that her followers did to him. Between the talk, Yoongi he spoke of his collaboration with Halsey.

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The only reason that the idol he wanted to make the Vliveit was because the song that he pulled to the side of her friend, Halseysince it was released, and he says that their peers resort to this type of videos when they launch a new single. LOL!

The guy said that the process of production, it was very fun. Suga received a message in which he said that the american singer wanted to do a song with him, to which he responded that he could not rapping in English, the answer to that Yoongi received, was that nothing was happening and that I could do it in Korean. REALLY?

Also told that the song already existed since last year, and that originally, it sounded more happy. However, having worked once more to the side of the wedding Evan Peters, it was a pleasure for the idol. Definitely the letter “SUGARs INTERLUDE” impacted on many people. Leaving see, once more, the great talent of Yoongi to rap, write songs and produce them.

We are sooo proud of him!