The 5 bikinis more sensual of Becky G


Becky G it has become one of the young most popular artists of the moment, with just 23 years has managed to create powerful issues that it does not stop sound in any side and in their social networks, boasts of millions of fans who are aware of their projects. Just as Instagram builds up 25 million followers and what is true is that his career is only on the rise.

And something that has helped her to take off has been its undisputed beauty with which the temperature rises with each photo you share. Today we are going to share their best and sexiest bikinis.

1. Bikini orange

A photograph of a couple of years ago where he shows his sexy figure. For this image the singer received more than 833 thousand “likes”.

2. Sensual in the pool

While rarely share images in bikini, what is certain is that Becky really likes to relax on the edge of the pool. With this photograph caused the envy of all of your followers to be very relaxed and look spectacular.

3. In black

We all like to stroll along the shore of the sea, but Becky loves it. With a beautiful mini bikini color black what showed.

4. Taking the sun

While the figure of Becky G it is a little more discreet than that of Natti Natasha both prove to be two beautiful women who are secure of their body.

5. Sexy animal print

With this set bragged about his trip to Spain and brought out the sighs of thousands. The photograph shared a year ago almost reach a million “likes”.