The Alexa Dellanos do not leave this site, or the airbag it’s huge!


Says Myrka Dellanos that is so proud of your daughter, their poses, their style and all of it that you can’t find the right words to say.

And Alexa Dellanos is that doesn’t fit in yes for joy to hear the pride of his mother that he saw her as he brought her to the world many years ago but now, with every one of his publications, almost that looks the same.

The instagramer take advantage of the pull of last name although you do not need to do so, the merits of the specific base curves, of perched ligeritos of clothing and chaperones are not left to see the face of already doing work that does not make your surname.

And it’s not that you like to recognize where it comes from or who is your mother, is that it says that he prefers to be known by itor by its curves, that for the case, it is the same.

From necklines that reach the belly buttonuntil out of the street without anything underneath it, so they spend Alexa, and so keeps all that is about to see her and to know her. And, to be honest, the one that comes and sees it, does not return to leave, for something will be.

In one of his last publications, we can see the Dellanos sitting in a carwith a look informal but your style, jeans that stick, t-shirt, which sticks more and front worthy of the numbers of all of his followers, ¡small size you spend, Alexa!

And is that seeing, one might think that with such nature do not need airbagand if you need to your body would be in a serious predicament because itthere’s no room for front and airbag in the same car!

Normal that your mother is proud and she does not stop to teach it. That those sizes not see every day.