The brother of Nicki Minaj raped his stepdaughter and was sentenced to life imprisonment –


Jelani Maraj was sentenced to 25 years in prison. The brother of Nicki Minaj already he had been sentenced in 2017 for rape of minors. Judge Robert McDonald was sentenced to Maraj in a New York court on Monday, according to TMZ.

The man he was convicted of “repeatedly raping his step-daughter of 11 years” while his mother was at work. The trial began in 2015, and in 2017, a jury delivered the guilty verdict for sexual abuse.

The victim, who currently has 14 years old, we went up to the state and he stated that Maraj raped her at his home in Baldwin, Alabama, while I was married to your mother. The minor testified, and told with details every one of the times I was raped. According to the statement, the violations were very frequent as four times a week and sometimes twice in the same day.

The younger brother of the girl also testified that she witnessed the abuse and the prosecutor said that the DNA evidence recovered from the pajama pants of the girl was linked to Maraj.

The defense of the brother of the artist was to argue that this was a blackmail. The lawyers of Maraj tried to convince the jury that the rape allegations were invented by the mother of the girl child as part of a plan to do that Nicki Minaj paid USD 25 million for his silence.

Neither the rapper nor his brother testified at the trial, although during the opening arguments the defense lawyers said that the artist was in the list of witnesses. Minaj paid the deposit of USD 100,000 from his brother when he was first arrested for the crime in 2015.

According to reports, the artist and his brother were very united, but this would have changed after this sentence. Some sources said that Nicky walked away from his brother.

A week after his conviction, lartist visited his brother in prison, but according to informants, only made to hold his mother, Carol, according to the average TMZ.