The casting unheard of Salma Hayek before being famous


The casting unheard of Salma Hayek before being famous

Through an account of Tik Tok we shared a video where Salma attended one of their first castings being still a student of acting. Besides looking pretty, what most impressed is the young lucia to the actress. This video shows that fame and success only come from below, and Salma, without a doubt has become a role model and a source of inspiration for the generations who came to Hollywood after she.

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La veracruzana is one of the pioneers to open the way to the mexican in the american cinema. Now we see a Salma famous, successful and even married to one of the men most millionaires in the world, but that is not the most important, what I really want to highlight the actress is that in the time that she decided to seek opportunity in Hollywood, the latino community was not well received.

The interpreter Frida suffered several falls and criticisms, even when he began to attend the red carpet she had to find the way of dressing, no designer the turning view. It was the first mexican to triumph at the academy awards and all thanks to his talent and passion.