The couple has decided to postpone his life for this reason


It seems that the wedding of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are not going to celebrateor at least this year. The pair became engaged last February and had planned to hold their wedding this month of December but something has happened since the couple has decided to defer the link. Neither the singer nor the actor has given any statement on the issue, but everything seems to point to that they will marry the next year.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are one of the couples more consolidated Hollywood. To the great history that they brought to their backs to him most, the past month of February (coinciding with the day of lovers), which he requested marriage with a romantic surprise. They were the ones that gave the news through their social networks, showing in the foreground the beautiful ring with the shape of a flower that is Orlando Bloom he bought from the singer.

Supposedly, the date the link was December 2019, however, there is no trace of the wedding. And so it seems we will not know anything until the year 2020 or so publishes ‘US Weekly’, who has spoken with a person close to the couple to explain what it is that has happened: la couple you have not found the exact location to celebrate your wedding, and before you do it wrong, they prefer not to do so.

That is the version that this anonymous person has given to the publication: “they Changed the date due to the location you want. Will have a wedding party local, and the other will be a wedding party at another destination”. That is to say, that Katy and Orlando not only planning a wedding but also quieren to celebrate it twice. So for the moment we will have to wait until next year to see them converted into husband and wife, although we still don’t know the exact date.