The exercises for buttocks of the trainer of Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston looked amazing in the latest installment of the SAG Awards. The vintage design of the French house Dior, allowed us to discover that, yes, it is possible to have a toned body to the 50+, since then, if you do the exercises appropriate as in the case of the american actress.

But, if you are one of those who pays special attention to the work of buttocks at the time of exercise, and you’re a fan of the main protagonist of Friendshere is a good news: His coach Leyon Azubuike, recently revealed on a routine that you can do at home and that includes an intensive work of buttocks.

Jennifer Aniston showed off her toned body at the SAG Awards.

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Leyon Azubuike is known for his method of training that delves into the intense preparation within the field of the box, but don’t worry, the exercises for buttocks the coach showed are very basic, but no less effective. Then we present to you what they are and how to make them.

What you need to do these exercises?

As always, make sure you have a ample space where you can work out without problems. Looking for a object that provides you the height to support your knees when you do the lunges, they may be books or, if you have one, yoga blocks. Also looking for a wall free of decorations and where you can support your back to do another exercise.

What are the exercises recommended by the trainer of Jennifer Aniston for working the glutes?

In a routine brief, Leyon Azubuike stresses in two exercises that work, above all, the area of the buttocks and the legs. Then you say, what are these exercises.

Exercise 1

Exercise lunge.

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In this exercise you will carry out a the death of traditional but resting on the books, or object that you have selected to perform this practice. Place your back straight, bearing the abdomen to the inside and contract the glutes as you descend counting three times until your knee touches the flat surface you’re using.

Once you are down, goes back up to thepoyando the two palms of your hands on the knee that remains bent toward the front. According to the coach, having a support when descending will help you prepare for a lunge complete your knee to drop to the ground.

Exercise 2

Supports your back in a wall– you do not have to drop all of your weight, the only thing you rely will be the lumbar region, keeping the spine in a line, completely straight and abdomen contracted as if you wanted your belly button to touch your back. Now, descend by bending your knees slightlythere won’t be a full flexion, do not seek to acquire a position of 90 degrees with your legs, it is only a slight bending of the legs. Your glutes must stay tense all the time, while you buy the same position during a minute.

What is another exercise you can complement this routine of the trainer of Jennifer Aniston?

The trainer of Jennifer Aniston includes a variant of lizard in the routine.

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In the middle of the two exercises above, you can try a variant of lizard in which thou shalt put to work your lower abdomen and even a little buttocks. Put yourself in push-up position with the feet crossed, descend by bending your arms until your abdomen touches the floor, once this occurs, remove the hands from the ground and elévalas for a couple of seconds. Return to the starting position and begins again, remember tighten the abdomen and buttocks.

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