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‘The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes’ is the name of the book of the prequel of ‘The hunger games’ and it looks promising.

The new book by the american writer Suzanne Collins, entitled: The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes, is the prequel to the successful trilogy: The hunger games and recently that is available to the public, so that fans of the literary saga and film are sharing their reactions. There is a particular distress on the subject: how will it look on the big screen the new story?

After five years of the premiere of The hunger games: Sinsajo – Part 2, we saw the closure of one of the franchises most successful juvenile of the last decade, combined with others such as Harry Potter, Twilight and even Maze Runner, so the idea of expanding the universe of Panem was imminent, but was completely dependant on the author of the books.

In 2019, Collins announced surprisingly that he was about to finish a new novel within the universe of The hunger games and in April of 2020, it is confirmed that the rights to bring it to the big screen already belonged to the studio Lionsgate. What we know is that the story does not revolve around a female character as was the case in the trilogy; that is to say, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) does not figure in the panorama, as the new plot is set a long time ago, with a young Coriolanus Snow (played by Donald Sutherland in the movies) as the protagonistthe same character who eventually becomes president of the capitol and of the districts of Panem.

‘The hunger games’: First approach to the history of the prequel

Let us recall that the legend has it that for that Snow came to the presidency he had to poison your opponents, and take a small dose of the poison, which is why he always wears a white rose genetically manipulated to hide their breath to blood. Let us not forget that at the end of the story it is not known what happens with him, because with the chaos caused by Katnis, Snow is lost in the crowd of the capitol, although it is presumed that he dies trampled among the crowd. The main question now is who could interpret the Snow of a young woman in the tape? For the time being is unknown and there have been rumored names to respect, which could suggest that they might want someone new to the role or little-known. In our opinion, Will Poulter, or Dacre Montgomery could be a candidate.

Confirmed is Francis Lawrence (I Am legend) in the direction of the movie adaptation of the prequel, the same who led three of the four films following the departure of Gary Ross (Ocean’s 8) after the first film. The work of Lawrence without a doubt, it was outstanding, because he understood the universe of Collins and what made it even more dark in comparison with the novels. On the other hand, the screenplay is by Michael Arndt, who adapted The hunger games: In flames. This combination is a powerful weapon, since up until the time the second tape of the franchise is considered the best of the entire saga, which portends a good adaptation of The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes. Yes, it is unknown if they will keep the same title of the book to the film.

Confirm new movie ‘The hunger games’ and it will be a prequel

The synopsis of the novel reveals certain details about its content: β€œit Is the morning of the harvest that will begin at the tenth hunger Games. In the Capitol, Coriolanus Snow, 18, is preparing for a unique opportunity: to achieve glory as a mentor in the games. The home of the Snow, before so influential, goes through difficult times, and his fate depends on Coriolanus can overcome his companions in wit, strategy, and charm as a mentor in the tribute that will be awarded. Everything is against you. They have humiliated the assign to the tribute of District 12. Now, their destinies are irrevocably united.” Not to mention that a long time ago they revealed the first few paragraphs of the book (that you can read here).

Sounds interesting, especially for introducing an antihero as the center of the plot. The character will have a female counterpart who is called Lucy Gray Baird, a singer and charismatic that it will not be a threat to Snow, but yes you will need to collaborate with it to achieve its purpose in the 12th District (the same of Katniss). The script is in development, so that we assume that in 2021 will be in pre-production, and maybe to the end of this year start rolling, so that, in theory, by 2022, would be coming to the big screenalthough this is obviously an assumption. Without a doubt we’re going to miss characters like Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) and Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth), but we will meet new actors.