The idyll of Katy Perry with the Harley-Davidson is a gift for the motorcycle manufacturer

Katy Perry went for a ride to Hawaii and came back with a song that should put to dance to Harley-Davidson.

Last month, Perry released “Harleys in Hawaii”, a song inspired by the idyll tropical with her fiancé, the actor Orlando Bloom. In a matter of two weeks, had been heard 20 million times on Spotify, and the music video of the song —in which the pop star leads the way and is co-pilot of some Harley— has been watched over 12 million times.

Today, many brands invest so much in advertising indirectly, to the influential of the social networks such as in advertisements. Perry is very popular in social networks, as it has more than 100 million followers in Twitter and 80 million in Instagram. However, everything that made Harley-Davidson in exchange for great exposure to your huge base of fans was to give motorcycles to the video.

Although Perry does not look like the typical client of Harley —it is not, by the way— the company has long recognized that it should replace your main base of customers: the older men. Motorcyclists more young people in general and women in particular, are a great marketing approach for the company. To attract the audience Harley depended mainly on a new electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, but recently had to stop production to solve a problem of load.

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