The meaning of the tattoos of Angelina Jolie


The enigmatic roman numerals

XIII V MCMX, are the roman numerals that can be read in the left forearm of Angelina, and although it seemed to be a single number, the reality is that these are two tattoos made separately.

The XIII or number 13 is a demo that does not live under superstitions, while the tattoo V MCMX is a added extra that when read together, form the date of may 13, 1940, the day that Winston Churchill said the following thought: “I don’t have anything to offer more blood, effort, sweat and tears”.

The mysterious geo coordinates

On his left shoulder lay a few numbers that represent the geo coordinates of the cities in which were born his children and even his famous —and gorgeous— ex-husband, Brad Pitt. Cambodia, Ethiopia, Namibia, Vietnam, France and Oklahoma; they are the ones that are represented on the skin of the famous.

Protection buddhist

Another famous tattoo of his back, and that saves an enchantment buddhist Pali written in Khmer, language of Cambodia. Protection against bad luck and the evil eye, both for her, as well as for her eldest son, Maddox, is what is represented by this legend, that means the following: “your enemies flee away from you, if you acquire wealth, they will always be there. Let your beauty resembles that of Apsara. Finally, wherever you decide to go or stay, those who surround you protect you and serve you in any part”.