The men that broke his heart to Adele, and now it is unrecognizable


A broken heart has been the greatest inspiration to the british singer, Adele has been to achieve global success with their big topics that will speak to the lack of love in your life. Apparently the men have not been good to her, but has been known to make the best of it. Now looks unrecognizable and better than ever.

And who has not experienced a heartbreak after a breakup sentimental? The own Adele has revealed that he felt embarrassed when he decided to suspend tour after 2008 when his name is unveiled with his album ’19’. She preferred to dedicate themselves to live out the love of your boyfriend to continue conquering the scenarios in vivo.

The courage and the sadness that the british felt in 2011, they left the best songs of her album ‘21’, an album that has sold 31 million copies worldwide and earned him the win several Grammy awards.

Just at the moment, he felt more secure, her boyfriend finished with her, leaving her in a true state of shock. In fact, the impact was so great that it had to suspend the recording sessions indefinitelyuntil he understood that should channel your sadness into a song, despite the fact that this would leave you in a vulnerable position.

Thus was born the great success of ‘Someone like you’, the mega hit that was written in his own hand in the midst of a crisis, to discover that her ex-boyfriend had announced his wedding with another woman.

Alex Sturrock

This great disappointment was caused by a man, one that caused a lot of damage to Adele. It was so much the sadness that the first years did not want to reveal his name. With the passing of time it became known that it was a photographer of the newspaper The Guardian, named Alex Sturrock, the boyfriend ended up with the joys of the singer.

A few friends in common we were introduced to Alex and it was between the years of 2008 and spring of 2009 that Adele held an affair in secret, therefore never revealed to the world that she was his girlfriend.

According to an article on the website 10.MXthe couple lived unique moments, but Sturrock never call her ‘sweetheart’. Adele felt happy and loved, living in 2009, the greatest love. But just at that moment your boyfriend ended the relationship and left her, leaving her in the throes of a real shock.

For this reason suspended the recording of his new album indefinitely until you understood that it was due to his music and returned to begin writing his songs.

Therefore he confessed that “Someone like you it was a way to reconcile myself with myself and with those almost two years of dating. And when I did I felt genuinely liberated. Although I felt well, the truth is qeu wrote to her knees and feeling miserable”, described the pain the singer.

Despite the abandonment, Sturrock 2016 published photographs of the artist taken in the united Statesafter a lawsuit was unsuccessful in claiming that the songs of ’21’ spoke of the intense relationship that he lived with Adele.

Simon Konecki

Last year, Adele announced her separation from businessman Simon Konecki, with whom he had a live-in relationship for five years, before you reach the altar in the year 2016, when it became known that they had been married in a secret ceremony and intimate.

Only three years of happy marriage the couple maintained before you put an end to their relationship that culminated this year in a divorce settlement in which the singer requested the court that they were not revealed the terms of the agreement.

According to press reports, Adele had to part with half of his fortune, valued at € 160 million as part of the final arrangement.

With this new failed love affair, the star of the soul returned to the singleness and from there started down the road of its transformation of your body to lose more than 45 pounds of weight.

Skepta, rapper English.

After their separation, a rumour went around that the singer had multiple outputs with the singer, rapper, English, Skepta.

The Sun newspaper, according to The Country, reported that the artists were already friends because they lived in the same town where she was born Adele, in Tottenham. It became known that the singer attended the party of his birthday in London.

However, sources close to the two claimed that “both have been close after they broke their relationships. They have created a close bond and there’s definitely a special relationship. Are spending more time together.”

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