the myth of Britney Spears already has your sample


The iconic institute “...Baby One More Time” the martian landscape and heartthrob of “Oops!… I Did It Again” or the torrid plane of “Toxic”. It’s all part of “The Zone”, the museum “pop-up” (temporary) which pays homage to Los Angeles (USA) the myth of Britney Spears.

“’The Zone’ is more than a museum ‘pop-up’: it is an immersive experience to enhance and celebrate the life and career of Britney Spears”, said to Efe Shannon Ramirez, one of the creators of this space.

With 2,800 square meters of exhibition space, “The Zone”, which will remain open until the 26th of April, fulfills one of the dreams of the fans of Britney Spears: enter to video clips of your favorite star, and even share the limelight with her in any of those videos.

The journey into the world of Britney in “The Zone” begins with “…Baby One More Time”.

An atmosphere of college noventero, with backpacks hanging on the desks, welcomes visitors with a whiteboard with the phrase “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and a little video of Felicia Culotta, who played the master of “…Baby One More Time”.

Hence we can pass to the famous hallway of lockers, which contains secrets to those who open their closets (and also for those who activate the fire alarm).

And is that one of the keys of “The Zone” is that fans can touch everything in the different rooms, dance and play the scenarios in the clips, and discover the little secrets hidden in each room.

A must stop is the set martian “Oops!… I Did It Again”, which features the astronaut with the broken heart following the rejection of Britney Spears.

And another of the highlights of “The Zone” is the plane of “Toxic”, with its seats, windows, the cart of the hostesses… and also the toilet to the remembered sexual encounter of the clip.

The final leap to the fiction is given in “Me Against The Music”, the single with Madonna, in which the fan can be in “The Zone” insert digitally their dance moves in the clip and having its choreography attached to the Spears.

The route passes also by the aroma of the circus in “Circus” and the religious experience of the album “Blackout” (2007) to remember the legacy of an artist who, like every great legend of pop, is so beloved and admired by their peaks and successes as by their falls and failures.

“Britney brings 21 years of career and is still very relevant, still pulls music. And your music is amazing: I love all their albums. I truly believe that his followers are so loyal to it for its authenticity: it is really a person authentic, and I think that connects with people,” said Ramirez.

This is responsible for “The Zone,” he recalled that the museum was created and launched by a group of fans, but also stressed that the singer has supported “completely” initiative, for example in social networks, and even has donated some clothes for the shows.

“The fans have loved it, are superemocionados. We have a lot of followers crying while going through the place, really moved. It is very nostalgic for people: to lead them to their past and allows them to relive a lot of the things that grew, so love him”, she closed.