The new hair cut Demi Lovato will be your greatest inspiration for spring


Goodbye to the mane XL, hello to the mane midi! So is the change Demi Lovato inspires us to perform this year, through its new lob asymmetric. A court with which, no doubt, has given us pause to choose our next change of look.

And that is if there is something that we should recognize, is that lately Demi has become an inspiration since the beginning of the year. First, through his striking performance in the Grammy awards, as well as in the Super Bow; and now, having made so favorable a change of look. One that definitely will revive our love for the manes midi.

It was in Valentine’s Day when the singer decided to reveal to his fans that court lob asymmetric lately that has us obsessed, then through a series of stories in Instagram caused total euphoria with your new change of look.

What the reason that we worship in new lob asymmetrical Demi Lovato?

The reason to opt for this new proposal is simple: the lob is one of those cuts practical and extremely versatilethanks to its half-length that it does benefit from the best of two worlds. On the one hand, is long enough to comb it as you like and on the other, remains somewhat short, so that it will not require hours in front of the mirror, more stylized.