The reactions in the celebrities that generated “angry” publication of Jennifer Aniston


What happened?

The mandatory quarantine for pandemic coronavirus has a complicated Jennifer Aniston. The star of Friends he shared his feelings about the virus, that keeps you in suspense to the planet and sum over 250 thousand deaths.

In a post from his account Instagram, where she is still 33 million users, posted a photo with the caption: “Dear Covid… Can you kindly go fuck now? Thank you. Bye-bye”.

Not only the image, where Jennifer makes the famous gesture “fuck you”, but the dedication caused a stir among the fans and also among celebrities.

Reactions of celebrities

Your partner, Friends, Lisa Kudrow, responded with applause. They also welcomed its publication actresses Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts and Michelle Pfeiffer. As well as the model Naomi Campbell, tennis player Maria Sharapova, actor Mario Lopez (Saved by the Bell) and presenter Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah was one of the most euphoric when you write: “Nothing more than respect for our president Jennifer Aniston”.
Projects on pause

Return of Friends

The tedium of Aniston by the pandemic, has its maximum expression in the suspension of the recordings of the special meeting of the cast of Friends, which would transmit HBO Max this month.

After the cessation of activities in Hollywoodthe expected meeting was postponed. This week, Robert Greenblatt, president of WarnerMedia Entertainment, stated to Variety we hope to resume the project at the end of the summer.

“We believe that it is valuable to the public in direct experience the return of these six great friends,” he said. The executives and the actors want in the set has public, as they recorded the episodes of the popular series.

“We didn’t want to do it suddenly in a voice call over the Internet, with six tables of people filmándose in their kitchens and bedrooms”, he added.

Although he acknowledged that “if this (coronavirus) continues indefinitely, we can go for the virtual path”.