The surprising acceptance speech Grammy Dan + Shay finally explained … I Lost a bet!


When Dan + Shay won the award for best duo country / group for “Speechless” at the Grammy Awards 2020, Dan Smyers began his acceptance speech by thanking his wife and claiming she was his source of inspiration. Shay Mooney, however, took a very different approach to thank Joe Jonas first … and now fans finally know why.

Mooney has been a friend of the Jonas Brothers for years, and after losing a bet of golf, he was forced to thank Joe “first of all” if I ever won a Grammy.

Dan + Shay performed their successful number 1 Speechless at the wedding surprise of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner in Las Vegas in may of 2019, and Nick Jonas showed his support for the popular duo when they presented their free concert in Nashville last summer.

Months later, Nick and Joe, cemented their budding friendship with Shay Mooney during a trip golf.

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In a recent interview with the podcast of Foreplay of Barstool Sports, Nick Jonas explained that the golf travel included a green “almost impossible to beat,” and what inspired him and Joe to make a friendly wager of Grammy with Shay.

“The bet was, against Shay, that he and his band mate were nominated that year, and we were nominated, is that if one of us, Joe and I, it touches the green, you have to thank Joe or me.” in his speech of the Grammy Awards, and vice versa for them, “ said Nick. “If we hit, we would have to do if you win”.

“Well that goes to the night of the Grammys, after Joe has come to the green with success, Shay gets up and in his acceptance speech for the Grammy Awards says:” I have to thank to Joseph Jonas, “ continued Nick.

Joe pointed out that “the rule was first of all”, so that instead of beginning his great acceptance speech from the Grammy, thanking his wife as he had done, Dan Smyers, Shad had to give Joe the initial greeting.

“His wife was not happy with that,” added Nick.

“Before that someone had something to do with his music or his career … he simply said, ‘first of all I would like to thank Joe Jonas’, and they all said: ‘what he Wrote on this album ?!’”, concluded Joe laughing

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