This is the photo of Selena Gomez that cause rage on Instagram! you need to see it!!!


The image sparked hundreds of compliments on the part of his followers and reached 8.435.754 “I like” in a day

Each one of your publications get the attention of their millions of followers in Instagramreaching an endless amount of like in a matter of hours, not for nothing Selena Gomez is the second celebrity most followed on the social network.

Then that weeks ago left more than one jaw dropped at the filtered images extremely sensual actress, wearing revealing clothes that uncovered their facet more hot, this time Gomez surprised posing natural.

The young actress american Latin roots wowed their fans with two images published in recent days in your account in Instagram, which showed with a look that’s completely natural.

Gomez accompanied the publication with the following sentence: “I wanted to put my makeup on. My dad noticed and then asked: “why do you look so?” Whistled while he walked away. So there is that. Wearing all“.

The instant in which Gomez she wore her curly hair and make-up discreet woke up hundreds of compliments on the part of his followers, achieving in one day 8.435.754 I like it, not bad for one who recently was the queen of Instagram.