This is the picture of his childhood that continues to speak


The running of the bulls in our homes by the coronavirus is causing us, among other things, to travel to the past. Now paradoxically we are closer to our own, even if it is through a screen, there are numerous memories of the past that come to mind and which are today more present than ever. Remind us of how happy we were in a time and unnoticed normal day-to-day we could enjoy. Perhaps it is one of the reasons that has led to Karol G to pull out an old photo of the trunk of the memories.

In the snapshot we can see the singer when I was little, posing as a model with a flattering and simple bikini yellow. With the image that he has shared with his followers on the social networks, proving once again that her style is innate.

The publication is now inching towards 3 million on Instagram in addition to being one of the images most commented of the artist. Most of the followers agree on the great beauty that the artist retains from small in addition to extol its marked traits of colombians. “This is a #querespeten FUCK! Viva Colombia co viva Medellin” he wrote one of the followers of the singer.

Karol G has returned to melt the social networks without trying and is that it was very difficult not to do it! The artist can boast of being a great lucky for the love that daily receives from his fans. Now, the coronavirus does not allow another approach with his followers over the social networks. For this reason, the colombian not wasted any opportunity to convey how grateful she feels with publications as personal as this.

For this and for other reasons that we already know, the artist passes through one of the best stages of your life. The love and professional success will smile to equal parts and it is for this reason that despite the tough times the artist does not lack for reasons to smile.